All payments billed discreetly.

You will only see "White Cliffs Online" as the bill descriptor.

PayPal & Paypal Express

Account or not; enjoy PayPal's Buyers Protection.

Checkout and pay securely using Paypal Express, offering you a seamless passage through checkout, with all your information pre-filled. All major debit and credit cards accepted. Prefer not to set up an account? Checkout with Paypal's guest checkout, enter your card details and no account is need.

Google Pay

Checkout securely using your Google Wallet.

Checkout with Google Pay. Simply select this familiar payment method at checkout and continue to pay with your Google wallet. Fast and easy checkout is available using your Google balance or saved cards. Guest checkout is also available via Google Pay - so you can pay using your VISA, AMEX or Mastercard.

Apple Pay 

Checkout using your cell phone & select Apple Pay.

Using Apple Pay me be one of the most convenient payment systems for phone users today. If you make up one of the millions of iPhone users, you'll be familiar with the simple and easy Apple Pay checkout feature; enabling you to pay with your Apple Wallet saved cards with just the touch of a button.

Wire Transfer

Domestic Bank Transfer for USA, AUS, UK & EU

If you would like to pay via bank transfer, please contact us before placing your order and we will provide all the details you require to complete your local wire transfer. Local bank details will be provided, depending on your country, and is available for US, AU and EU customers.

Bitcoin Payment

Stay ahead of the curve using digital currency.

If you are familiar with online cryptocurrencies you may wish to pay using Bitcoin or another alternative coin. Paying with crypto coins entitles you to the same SD Guarantee and protection as any other payment method. If you would like to make payment with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, please contact us and we will provide the relevant details.